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Our Story

Lateral Gig first launched to help a local officer in need.  From there the mission quickly formed to be what is called internally as "Lateral Gives".  Every chance we have to give back to the community, we take.  Through amazing partnerships with local businesses, Lateral Gig is able to give back to the community and its members in many ways such as donating clothing to youth programs, fundraising on behalf of individuals in need and working with local non-profits and charities to meet the demands needed by the community members.

To date we given back $16,321

On top of giving we hand screen print comfy, affordable clothing that spreads how we feel about our local communities.  "Spreading local Feels" is our motto and each item is hand made especially for you.

We appreciate our community and are grateful for the many opportunities we have to work with local organizations.  We thank you all for your support as we could not help our community without you!

Join Lateral Gig and spread local feels with us!