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Cuffing Cancer for Officer Welch

Officer Welch- WE GOT YOUR SIX!
Officer Loren Welch was injured in a high speed pursuit, while having tests and scans for his injuries, some concerning masses were found. On August 18th, Loren was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. On November 3rd, Loren will begin Chemo treatments. The first treatment will take over six hours, because they have to infuse him slowly to make sure he doesn’t have an allergic reaction. There could be a ton of side effects, but most are rare. The main side effects are nausea, short of breath, and hair loss.
Loren Welch is a loving husband, father, and soon to be grandfather. He has served his community as a law enforcement officer for 12 years. He is currently a patrolman and the School Resource Officer for the Oak Harbor Police Department in Oak Harbor, Ohio.
In partnership with the Fraternal Order of Police Associates Lodge #34 and the Oak Harbor Police Department,  this is THE OFFICIAL Cuffing Cancer for Officer Welch shirt which gives 100% of Profits directly to Office Loren Welch and his family.  Please join us in raising funds for Loren and his family.
On January 22,2021 we will be holding a chicken bbq drive through dinner. If you have a voucher for the home basketball game, you may dine in. Shirts are BULK printed and will be printed and shipped prior to the game or available for pick up at the game. 
***Plans could change so we will address that if we need to. We will be holding a virtual silent auction. If you have items to donate please message us.